How to lift objects safely in the warehouse

This video describes some of the associated risk factors for injuries (particularly low back injury) within the warehouse industry. Proper lifting and handling techniques are discussed as preventative methods to reduce the risk for developing these disorders.

Staying Safe & Sober in the Workplace

Justin Goldblatt, general manager of Runrite Electronics, explains how alcohol abuse in the workplace can be overcome. Alcohol is the most widely used and commonly available intoxicating substance. Alcohol testing has become commonplace in the industrial sector; primarily driven by health and safety legislation, which encourages testing to mitigate risk. Many companies have implemented “zero

Extreme Safety Fails

We recently posted an article about a few situations where safety was not the number one priority, see Health and Safety Nominations (Please don’t try this at home). Here are some more interesting scenario’s whereby health and safety was definitely not taking into consideration when completing various tasks. Remember: Safety PAYS, being unsafe COSTS! Always think

Look after your Eyewash Stations

Improperly maintained eyewash stations can create a greater hazard than those they’re designed to protect against. Eyewash stations are a staple in facilities that use materials that can cause eye injury or eye infection, providing reprieve after accidental exposure. But simply having an eyewash station in your workplace isn’t enough. Not properly maintaining a station

Injury Incident Pyramid

Many of us know about the incident pyramid already, but some of the newer employees may not. This pyramid is nothing more than a representation of the statistics about injuries. Year after year, industry after industry, injuries statistically fall into this pyramid. Near Misses Unsafe acts are the bottom of the pyramid. There are thousands

General Safety- Carelessness

Have you ever done anything silly, something that you know puts you at increased risk of injury? When you realised how silly you were, whether you got hurt or not, did you ask yourself “why did I ever do that?”. For your own preservation, this should be a very important question for you to answer

General Safety- A Single Second

It takes a minute to write a safety rule. It takes an hour to hold a safety meeting. It takes a week to plan a good safety program. It takes a month to put that program into operation. It takes a year to win a safety award. It takes a lifetime to make a safety

The Cost of an Accident

Every accident has a cost associated with it and that is why it is important to stress safety on and off the job. The costs that are involved are both direct and indirect; however the employee who was injured will be the one who pays the most. The costs associated with an accident are always