Machine SafetyWalk around inspections overview

  • Walk around inspections take only a few minutes at the beginning and end of your job- yet they are one of the best ways to prevent mechanical problems and safety hazards.
  • When you find a fluid lead, a loose hose fitting, or some other problem before a failure, you help avoid injuries and minimise their time.

What to Do

  • Use your senses: sight, smell, hearing and touch.
  • Any time you get off the machine, and definitely at the end of the shift, do a quick walk around.
  • If you see anything different from the way it was when you started running the machine, pass the information onto the next operator and make sure you place this new information about your equipment on your operator report.


  • Check your machine periodically during your entire work day; make sure to do your inspection the same way every time.
  • Complete one of these inspections at the start of each job, any time you get off the machine, and at the end of the job.

Delivery ServiceĀ 

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