Tip of the Month- 4. Health & Safety Rule

Keep your workplace clean and tidy Housekeeping it VERY important! Good housekeeping is important; keeping workplaces clear and tidy can prevent many of the more common hazards such as slip, trips fall accidents, fires etc. Check floors regularly for trip hazards and clear up spillages immediately.

Tip of the Month- 3. Health & Safety Rule

Follow Safe Working Procedures & Act Safely! Always follow the safety procedure and rules in your work place. If you feel they are inappropriate, not working or absent tell your Manager or Directorate Safety Officer. Safety is a team effort, by discussing safety procedures you can help make them work in the best way possible

Tip of the Month- 2. Health & Safety Rule

Think before you start work- Know the risks! Understanding what can harm you is half the battle. Your manager is required to undertake a risk assessment of your workplace to determine this and should be briefing you on the steps you should take to be safe. Circumstances can change so always think about potential risks

Tip of the Month- 1. Health & Safety Rule

Health and Safety is a team effort, therefore we need to look after each other to ensure health and safety in everything we do. Health and safety is all about people! It is about practical steps to protect people from harm and suffering and it’s about ensuring a culture whereby, we all look after each

Tip of the Month- Ladder Inspections

Ensure all ladders are inspected monthly to ensure safety and meeting legal requirements. Make sure the inspection is logged and kept on record so that, if need be, you can refer back to it.

Tip of the Month- Demarcation

Demarcation inside your workshop and warehouse areas is of great value as this allows for a clear indication of safe walking areas, work areas, danger areas as well as identification of emergency equipment such as fire hydrants.

Tip of the Month- Promoting a Positive Health & Safety Culture

The culture of an organisation makes the greatest contribution to its health and safety performance. Unfortunately culture is not an easy concept to understand, measure or manage. A good health and safety management system can go some way to setting the scene for developing a good culture, but it goes much deeper than that.

Tip of the month- Managing machinery, equipment and power sources

It is important to properly select, install, use and maintain all electrical systems and equipment. Any use of electrical and mechanical equipment has the potential to create very serious injuries, which can have fatal consequences. As a result, it is of utmost importance to ensure that any use of electricity or mechanical forces, be it

Tip of the Month- Calibration Certificate

When you receive a calibration certificate from your supplier a few things should be noted: The certificate is giving you the outcome of the inspection and is NOT an indication that your equipment is fit for use. READ the certificate. Check that the certificate indicates traceability to the equipment that your supplier has used to

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