QUality And Reliability Through Expertise and Teamwork


Consistently producing a quality product or service to set standards for a customer at competitive pricing.


Offering a long term partnership with a customer and supporting you’re locally designed and manufactured product or service to a global market.


Profound knowledge is the key factor to being a professional business. Gain knowledge or find others who have knowledge.


Partnering, everyone has a job and an internal customer. Work together to bring products and services to your external customer.

Bringing people together:

Our “business development opportunity” program brings previously disadvantaged and advantaged partnering together in order to meet client needs in our South African market. If we are to build a nation that has a strong economy and truly supports black economical empowerment the way it is supposed to be, we have to now look past window dressing and fronting tactics and create a platform for future development in our country. We at CCS (Pty) Ltd see this as an opportunity to bring businesses together in order to properly merge skills, experience, opportunity and wealth for all partners in a business model.

What we do:

Creating a business model that has companies with 100% black owned shares merging in a business development program with existing black or white owned operations in order to offer departmental skills for manufacture, supply and support of products and services to a South African and global market.


We at CCS (Pty) Ltd have the expertise in quality assurance and business modelling and assist in bringing a “business development partnership” together by means of prospective customer support and model understanding, setting departmental business development functions and structuring business flow in order to meet client needs.

We assist with the development of a quality assurance management process for the “business development” opportunity and support the quality function in order to meet client needs.

We entrench management control for all business functions and assist with control of sub contracted or outsourced products and services to meet quality standards.

We assist with a long term business program to create sustainability in a BEE business.

We assist with application of funding and business support via various institutes and business development partners.

We bring people together.


We are passionate about business development!

Delivery Service 

During these extraordinary times, delivery of orders may take up to 7 working days.
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