Injury Incident Pyramid

Many of us know about the incident pyramid already, but some of the newer employees may not. This pyramid is nothing more than a representation of the statistics about injuries. Year after year, industry after industry, injuries statistically fall into this pyramid. Near Misses Unsafe acts are the bottom of the pyramid. There are thousands

General Safety- Cuts and Burns

Nicks cuts, scratches and burns are minor injuries that can occur to any one of us no matter how careful we are. These are minor injuries to the skin that are often ignored. It is important to know that skin is a vital organ; one that should NOT be ignored. Not only is skin the

General Safety- Carelessness

Have you ever done anything silly, something that you know puts you at increased risk of injury? When you realised how silly you were, whether you got hurt or not, did you ask yourself “why did I ever do that?”. For your own preservation, this should be a very important question for you to answer

Everyone is Responsible for Safety

Safety is everyone’s responsibility! As an employee, you should: Learn to work safely and take all rules seriously. Recognise hazards and avoid them. Report all accidents, injuries and illnesses to your supervisor immediately. Inspect tools before use to avoid injury. Wear all assigned Personal Protective Equipment. On the other hand it is Managements responsibility to:

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