Fumes, odor and smoke can cause serious problems; they may also affect health or spoil the local environment.

The problems are a statutory nuisance controlled by the local council or the environment agency i.e. mobile plant, vehicles, fires etc.

Processes involving the combustion of fuels and the heating and drying of materials commonly emit fumes odor and smoke.

This kind of environmental pollution is difficult to control but compliance with the following points should help to reduce any pollution:

  • Never leave plant or vehicle engines running unnecessarily.
  • Ensure that proper maintenance of all plant and vehicles is carried out on a regular basis.
  • Do not burn waste materials onsite, however, if for some reason it is necessary it should be carried out when the wind is blowing away from potentially sensitive areas.
  • Chemicals and other hazardous substances should be stored suitably and handled in a responsible and appropriate manner, check manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Activities that are likely to emit fumes, odour and smoke should be carried out with a consideration of the environment, people around you and the wind direction.

Questions to Generate Discussion

Why is it important to consider the direction of the wind when fumes, odour and smoke are being created onsite?

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