Most of us have learnt the basic dangers of using knives. Statistics show that knives cause more disabling injuries than any other type of hand tool. STOP and THINK about how you are using a knife and where the knife is being stored.


  • A knife is used for cutting, and cutting only.
  • Never use a knife as a screwdriver or prying tool.
  • Always make cuts away from your body.
  • Do not use too much pressure to cut.
  • Never use a defective knife- such as one with a broken handle, blade or lock system.
  • Always be sure the knife is sharp- Blunt knives lead to injury because more pressure is needed to make a cut and this can result in slips.
  • Never throw a knife


  • If you have to make cuts close to your body, be sure to wear the proper PPE to avoid injury.
  • Mail gloves are available for certain cutting applications.


  • Always carry a knife in its sheath.
  • Never leave a knife uncovered on a table or work bench.
  • Always store the knife with the cutting edge down or covered.

First Aid

  • Treat even the smallest cut.
  • Blood poisoning or infection can develop if cuts are not treated properly.

Make sure you are using the right knife for the job.

A good sharp knife should cut without difficulty, allowing you to get the job done quickly and safely.

Knife Safety

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