Health and Safety Policy Review Checklist

The  following  checklist  can  be  used  as  an  aid  in  the  writing  and  reviewing  of  a  health  and   safety  policy.  It  is  derived  from  UK  HSE  Information. General policy  and  organisation: Are  the  obligations  towards  your  employees  made  clear  and  does  the  statement   express  a  commitment  to  health  and  safety? Does  it  say

How to Write a Health & Safety Policy for your Business

The following information has been extracted from: Health and Safety Executive. (1999) Write a health and safety policy for your business. [Online] Available from:[Accessed 7 September 2015]. By explaining how the business will manage the health and safety policy within the organisation, staff and stakeholders will become aware of the businesses commitment to health and

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